Blog hiatus.
Forgive me, fellas! :’)

I’ve been busy and lazy again to blog for weeks. Huhu. When will I ever bring back again my enthusiasm on blogging almost everyday? If I can just find out my inner passion in an instant boom to share stories and inspirations once more for this year on everyday basis. I miss doing this thing. Blogging. Journal online. Self-therapeutic and has healthy benefits and to all.

For the past weeks of January 2014, I have been promoted from nurse trainee/ volunteer nurse to on the job trainee nurse. Haha, what’s the big deal for those position names. The real difference was that, as OJT nurse, we have to attend our duty everyday and will be having our pay for our services already. But, we will be dealing with bigger responsibilities now just like a real staff nurse do. I am thankful for my training ground from a secondary-private hospital. Doing almost everything. I will elaborate on that soon. But, the thing is, we’re a bit delayed on modern technology because of inadequacy of budget maybe. Hehe. From a three days a week schedule to five days a week duty. I will be dealing with pediatric to adult ones, in general condition. Census of 7/7, seven lives on my hands as 1:7 nurse-patient ratio. Lord, give me strength to always have a presence of mind and never be afraid to ask for help. I can’t do all things on my own. I always need you, Lord. I must be a patient’s advocate and provider of care not harm to anybody.

Let me share with you my new life experiences, learning and motivations on my next blog.

Hold on there, Keep reading! :’>

Pleasant morning, everyone!