Be ready there, I’m about to share my learning clinical experience as a newbie nurse in a hospital. My ups and downs that bring me to live life more! 🙂 chos! Haha!

As a nurse trainee, we act like staff nurses but still with full supervisory. I started on September 11, 2013, a total of forty-five days of volunteering before I got promoted, finally. Having a duty three days a week was a fruitful blessing. Almost four months, I volunteer, of course, with no pay or allowance. Having my volunteer nursing experience here was better in terms of duty days, unlike other institutions which they require you to have a duty five days a week with three shifting schedule without pay or allowance that results to early burnout for some. I’m quite blessed enough to receive some monetary pay during administration of medication from an out-patient, assistance to surgical procedure, and activities at the ward. Roughly around P400 that I got from all the days and clinical areas I’ve served. However, money is not the real issue. I’m focusing on gaining experiences, that matters most.

First rotation: Emergency Room
Bad news, I had no chance to witness a very bloody and worst case scenarios that I am expecting there.
No special live action, because our hospital doesn’t accommodate medico-legal cases like motor-vehicular accidents and gunshot wounds. Only first-aid measures for that cases then they will be transferred to a tertiary hospital with medico-legal officer or doctor. Anyway, the ER staff were friendly and sweet. I enjoyed doing ECG, inserting IV Cannula, administering medications, and getting fetal heart tones. In addition, eating with the nice staff and residents on duty. I have learned to always ask and verify. Bear in mind the golden rules of drug administration. Right preparation of the drug/ vaccine was essential. Right patient to obtain vital signs was very much important. One time, I’ve took the vital signs of a patient who was about to discharge, she was just waiting for their car at the lobby. Haha! Epic fail-embarrassing moment! 🙂

Second rotation: Surgical Ward 1-7 and private rooms 201-207
Gaining confidence on acting as a staff nurse. I enjoyed discharging patients! 🙂 One day, out of seven patient, five went home already in our morning shift, 2/7 left. Hehe! Glorious feeling. Nice staff again at the ward who were always helpful and funny.
I have learned to render items using our Bizbox, little time management skills, and always bear in mind the right drug for the right patient. Be careful for NPO patients, Hourly VS and I&O monitoring, and pediatric IVF!

Third rotation: Operating Room
Patient first before anything else. I enjoyed here and I want to be hired here.. Hoping. As an OR nurse, you need to have presence of mind, good memory from the completeness of everything, and patience from long hours of standing on a surgical procedure. I’ve assisted on gastroscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopy, sigmoidectomy, colostomy, explore-laparotomy, tahrso, appendectomy, cesarean section, normal spontaneous delivery, bilateral tubal ligation, and excision of breast mass. Woah! I didn’t expect to witness all of these from this hospital.
I miss scrubbing, closed gloving, gowning, opening and preparing major packs, serving instruments, and the OR staff! I also wanted to TSB patients as long as I could to obtain their normal body temperature before they transfer out from the recovery room. :’) I quite miss, too, the babies from specialized newborn care unit. 🙂

Praise God for all of these learning experiences! Thank you Lord! >:D<


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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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