Treating your patients as your family, relative, and friends. Especially, treating patients as if He is Jesus. What if? 🙂 Reflection blues.

I’m not gonna boast how good I am to take care of my patients here. Instead, I am very proud on how amazing God helped and guided me everyday towards taking good care of my patients. It was nice on how God used as an instrument, my senior nurse to train me on a daily basis. I’m glad to read bit by bit the doctor’s order, before it was really difficult to me to read them.

As an OJT nurse, I read boosting/ survival tips regarding new nurse in the ward on the world wide web. I bookmarked those sites which will help me to be an efficient nurse. I need to motivate and remind myself everyday that I am embracing life being a nurse no matter how challenging it may seem. Insert my favorite bible verse: Philippians 4:13 🙂
I already took down notes to remember and put them on my filler notebook, entitled, staff nurse preparation 101. ❤

Daily routines of a nurse:
• E-kit Census
• Endorsement
• Rounds
• Rapport
• Review Patient's charts
• Open charting
• Prepare Medication Cards
• Vital Signs every 4 hours
• Administration of Medications
• Documentation
• Morning/ Afternoon / Night Care
• Hourly IVF Monitoring
• HGT Monitoring
• Carry Out Doctor's Orders
• Discharged Instructions
• Health Teachings
• Surgical Procedure Preparation
• Rendering Items for next shift
• Change of Bed Linens/ Patient's Gown.
• Intake and Output
• Close Charting
• Review Patient's Charts
• Endorsement

Remember seven lives on my hands, right now. Bigger responsibilities. Bigger challenges. Gaining learning clinical experience. All for God's greater glory! I already accepted that I cannot do everything on my own. It's really important to ask for help, ask questions even though you look stupid, verify and multiple check everything that deals with your patient. Master the art of nursing, and document every nursing action, they will save you and your license.

Last sharing: I know we’re not allowed to receive foods from the patients. But, If they insisted and gave it to the nurses station directly.. There’s no way we can reject them. Glorious feeling! It was the third time I receive snacks from the patients I was handling. Even though they are already discharged, they remember to bring us something. Heartwarming sweetness from them that makes my job more fulfilling. Thank youuu! :’>

Taking everyday as a fruitful learning opportunity. Keep moving forward, step by step. God will unfold little victories unexpectedly.

I surrender all my worries and fears from the unknown, trusting everything to you, Father God! 🙂

We can do this! ❤