Graveyard shift first ever experience.
Survived every frustration and fear I had. Keeping myself believe that I can do this through Him, and gratefully, I really did! Praise God! :’)

Sunday morning, dad sew the scrub suit I found inside our box of old clothes. Skin toned scrub suit that fits me, with matching cap and mask. Right timing before my 10pm shift. Thanks to my dad and mom for motivating me more just by their simple acts of love. ❤

Challenges in life seems to have an endless flow in our lives. As they say, "go with the flow" and never get stuck with each trial. Yes, I may fail and feel really inadequate. But, wait, I'm not born to have a perfect life because life would seem to be meaningless. These, imperfections and inadequacies I have, are essential to seek our Almighty Father. He is my refuge, my redeemer, and my strong support in all things. Thank you Lord for always allowing me to learn and never become discouraged despite all challenges ahead.

You helped me God to obtain vital signs from my morbid obese client. You helped me compute the dosage of drugs in the right way. You helped me chart what I must document. You helped me learn how to mount an ECG result to patient's chart, including some labs that were already relayed. You helped me rendered items for the next shift. You helped me to ask for assistance from my senior and charge nurse. You helped me to have understanding patients plus their family members. You helped me to endorsed my patients to morning shift nurses. Through you, oh God, I survived my first night shift duty. Thank God, for a rest I needed after this. To God be the glory! I place everything into your hands. Let me do your will.

Breath in and hold still, more duty to overcome with God!!!