Shifting schedule from afternoon shift, then night shift, and finally, rest! Thank God for helping me survive my duty and responsibilities! To God be the glory! :’)

I was surprised when I realized that bit by bit I was gaining little confidence on carrying out doctor’s orders, preparing forms for newly admitted patients, making discharge instructions and prescriptions, rendering items on bizbox, writing nurse’s notes, and on medication preparation and administration. In addition, I was able to suction secretions of an infant! A lot more to learn and to improve. I’m eager to learn from the basic and to the next. Thank you, Lord!

Having few reflections from the past, I kept on asking myself, “Can I really do this job?”, “what if I can’t handle this and that?”, and so on. Trying to figure out, what other job that would really fit me or what if I choose a less stressful job that will secure me financially, and my license. So many what ifs, frustrations, and fear. How did I handle these thoughts? Our Lord, helped me, as always! He reminded me when I read Our Daily Bread reading. A narrow gate will lead you to a victorious path, rather than a wide gate. This means, we all must go through that rough, challenging, and narrow gate to live successfully and happily. If we choose that wide gate, the “easy” gate, that may lead us to temporarily happiness, but endless disappointments and devastation. There’s no point of giving up when life is hard, it must not give us discouragement. We must keep moving forward, Philippians 3:14. :’)

Praise God! ❤
Keep the faith!