Day thirty-nine – 100 Happy Days

Physical exam at UERMMMCI Hospital today! Thank you, Lord! With me that morning was my college friend, we had the same schedule! It was a happy feeling to see my alma matter, our loving dean, same staff at infirmiry clinic, and the chief nurse at UE clinic, I remembered her when we had our duty at UE last school year. Nostalgia. Hehe. I was able to chat with her and she said that after our physical exam, we are already hired!!! I am claiming it! Super thank you, Lord! 🙂

My friend and I, successfully passed our stool and urine samples, conquered blood extraction part, and the xray awkwardness. Hihi! 🙂 we ensured to pray at the chapel to praise and thank God before we leave the hospital. ❤ hoping that we are really fit to work!

Before I went home, I strolled around gateway. Bought some stuff for my staff nurse preparation at the bookstore. Checked some good white shoes for my upcoming duty. Hehe, I'm getting a little bit excited here.

In addition on my day, I officially got my new ATM debit card at BDO! Yehey! Hope we could really last long, you know. 🙂