Day seventy – 100 Happy Days

Early trip with J and his bf on our way to Cubao bus terminal then to Batangas Port. I and my girls were all first-timers at Batanagas Port, and to our summer destination, White Beach Puerto Galera! 🙂 First thing that we did at Puerto was to walk by the beach, then EAT! Haha! After, we looked for our lodge to stay for just one night. Good to find one though it’s a bit pricey and roughly 5-10 minutes walk from the white beach. We explored the white beach; negotiated to some locals for water adventure packages; swam; took selfies and groupies; got inked for the first time, and it’s a fairy; ate dinner; then, watched the fire dancers at night.

Happiness Overload, indeed! 🙂


IMG_1534 IMG_1549