Sometimes, I feel so baaad. I feel guilty whenever I tell my problems to other people whose close to my heart. Yes, they care, felt also sad. They’re also stressed when I’m in the bad mood, right? That’s why, sometimes I don’t bother my loved ones whenever how bad my day was and everything on it. I just control myself, sit comfortably, and cry my heart out. I don’t want to show my problems on the planet earth and universe, so, I just blog it here. Hoping for someone out there, to hear me and pray for me. I know we all have trials and battles, to conquer every single day. And, that put us to create a strong foundation, which is “ourself”. I have issues about my family. Feelings of hate and anger creeps into me, but I am the master of myself, I just need to control my emotions to save my bond towards them. I love and hate them, yet love is always above over hate. Sigh.

Come on, let’s together exhale the bad vibes!!!!! And inhale, goooood vibes!!!

Let’s hold on, stay stronger! 🙂