There were some days that you just want to splurge, and to indulge on mouth-watering foods, just as these photos above. My dad and I, ate at Qizia, a restaurant here in Marikina, PH. Even I’m with my braces on, I cannot take not to eaaaat! Though, it hurts. Haha 🙂 and this, was my simple treat to him for doing everything that he can to take care of me. My father has a lot of flaws, even I, but I love him anyway, 24 hours and 7 days a week! ❤ I am still blessed that I have a father with me who prepares my food, my "baon"; drives me to school, and now to work; and spends time with me on little things even we're just at home. I could not thank him enough for everything that he have done to us. Nonetheless, I am grateful. :')