It’s been a year, almost. 


Crap, I terribly miss this.  I’m sure you were also tired of my broken promises. Dear self, why you do this. I may hate myself for forgetting and ignoring my platform for almost a year.. But, let me embrace it again. 

Hormones. Mood. Randomness. Boredom. Maybe, I urged myself to search for my blog. Is it still alive? Would somebody be wanting to make this alive again? Haha! Nobody, but my inner self. I stumbled upon a blogger site while searching for something.. And it was like a journal diary online, pictures were posted with a brief description on it. Then, I felt something, reminded me of my everyday goal to post and share about my life or anything under the sun on a daily basis. My means of sharing happiness, inspiration, motivation, or maybe just helping myself to improve and feel better, by blogging. Astrogirl, thank you!! ❤

My soul is a real wanderer of life, places, people, and events. By blogging, I wonder how can I keep this up again, my passion or just hobby that once burning back then.. 

I will be sharing some snapshot from my “lax” year, off from blogging. Don’t expect it to be so organize, it will be a random throwback posts, I guess! Hehe! So before anything else, Thanks, VSCOcam photo app for making my photo more creative and artsy, haha!! 🙂 

Just like this!   

Lights. Nights. People. Cafe. – June 2015 with G&H at StrEAT Food Park, Maginhawa QC, PH 🙂 

Thank you for your time to read! 

Love lots,