What a day!

First-time to be pull-out to other unit from OBW-GYNE ward to EENT Ward. I prayed for a benign shift but God didn’t allow me not to learn and to be challenged on my morning shift. I truly thank God for guiding me and giving me a lot of patience and presence of mind! At first, I felt I can’t do this.. Can I just give up and go tell my supervisor that I can’t do this after I received 6 patients, 3 male, 3 female, including 2 post-operative case, 2 feedings every 2 hours and every 4 hours, 5 patients with IVF, and etc!!! Thank God that I didn’t hesistate to ask for help. I asked my supervisor if she can give me a nursing aide to help me. Luckily, Ms. R, nursing aide from EENT ward, reported from duty this morning instead of her afternoon shift!!! She helped a lot! Thank you so much, Ms. R! For assisting different patient’s needs, answering phone calls, photocopying documents, orienting me on stuff, texting Nurse I to come 1 hour early for me to attend my ASU training (but she didn’t come early 😑), and to everything. The nurse supervisor had her rounds at our ward, and I asked for help how to feed(I knew how to do it, but my instincts said I need help in order to minimize errors!!) I even texted Nurse R(the one who endorsed patients to me) because I wasn’t that focus on receiving, I forgot to ask how much I will feed the patient. It was not written on their kardex, so I texted him. Fortunately, I saw that 300ml was fed every 4 hours as we browsed on our endorsement logbook, and he replied. Thank God, Ms. F, our supervisor, asked for a pull-out nurse from CCU to help me to feed patient and took blood sugar, give sliding dose of insulin, and that’s it. Well, thanks too Mr. F! ☺️ 
As I prepared my medications, feeding, insulin, and carried out a lot of orders from time to time. I felt overwhelmed! But, I told myself to focus, and I even cheered myself up that I can do this and that! A bit slow, yet correct! Hehe! I was a bit happy that a lot of interns knew that I’m from OBWard, where they’ve rotated last month, hehe they just somehow lighten up my mood 😊


  1. There’s no harm in asking for help, verifying orders, and referring patient’s condition. 
  2. I must really look and find the right insulin syringe, measuring cup for the patient, and to prepare all my materials for feeding accordingly and including the position of patient. To work more efficiently! I injected twice(2 different site) just for the insulin pre-breakfast to patient E. I used 2 cups just to accomodate the amount of feeding, yet I found out that there’s a right cup for that patient and it has a label. 
  3. Assess all the time, and refer.
  4. Do not panic even the relative was stressing me out for his husband to be discharged.
  5. Always be patient to help relatives from their inquiries. 
  6. Always double, triple, and super check orders, medications, and feedings to right patients. The Golden rule!!!! 🙌🏼

Thank you Lord for this experience! I lift all my worries to you, hoping that I carried out correctly the doctor’s orders, and completed the chart with BP, Meds taken and not taken, IVF infused, Intake and output, and my documentation. I also forgive Ms. I, from her reason of not receiving me early even though she knew that I will attend a training, and she came to work early but stayed at the chapel instead. My colleague told me that they saw her early at 1pm at the hospital, and stayed at the chapel. She came at 2pm in EENT ward, then we endorsed. H, texted me that training ended earlier than expected. I’m a bit sad and teary because it’s our last day of training, and I need to have a certificate from that 5 Saturday training, but I failed to attend. Fortunately, Mr.F lectured for the last ASU training, and I look for him, then I found him at the lobby, he was about to go home already.. I ask him if he could let me just sign in our attendance but he’s in a hurry. He knew that I was busy at EENT ward and Ms.I won’t be able to receive me early because she will be coming from Cavite. Mr. F said that he will let me sign in tommorow!!! Thanks, Mr. F! See you tomorrow! 😋

I decided to unwind before I go home, so I went to SM to stroll and to walk it all away, all the bad vibes. Hence, it works! Felt tired, but nonethelesss, grateful!

Thank you for reading!