Hey, how have you been?

Well me.. I have been struggling the past few weeks and days for some reasons which I can’t express truly. Thank God, I kept on moving forward and surviving. Thanks friends, chocolates, chips, and The Return of Superman (Korean reality show) that saves my insanity; Most especially, prayers and your loving grace, Lord! 🙂 

I lost my sister’s bank card. Fed up from all the stress at home plus work. I forgot to be myself and felt not as passionate anymore from what I am doing. The negative feedbacks from my parent and patient’s relative, even patients had hit me. I am not that “maldita” and “masungit/mataray” (snob/arrogant)  type of person, and I don’t want to be like that too. I knew I’ve suddenly changed. I knew that there will be some point in time, I can’t really please people every day. There were a lot of demands and responsibilities. You almost reached your boiling point. Sometimes, bad mood, bad vibes come, then it’s really a bad day, right? Yes, you just want to lock yourself in your room feeling empty, making yourself busy watching and scrolling thru your phone. Overthinking. Sigh, a very, very bad me. What did I do.. How can I just undo everything that happened. How can people just understand that I am going through something which highly affect my attitude, behavior, and actions. I am sorry, dear self and to people I messed up with. Hear my heart out, I am really sorry. All age twentys something, encounters these negative and bad dilemmas in life. We all have to overcome and recharge. Be free from all negativity. Repeat and repeat. 

Keep on smiling, tomorrow will be a different and wonderful day. This is Minguk, very cute boy that really makes me happy. Currently my lock screen, to remind me to be joyful and appreciate every little things.