Hello! How are you? ? ? 

 September seems to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. I don’t know. There is always something to me every day. Sometimes I feel so motivated and happy, then there will be times that I just need to be all alone by myself. But I keep moving forward amidst all sadness and negativity. 

Yesterday has been a little life changing move that I made for myself and for a charity cause. I’ve been thinking weeks and days if I can really willing to cut my hair short. I’ve been searching online for a sample of cut that I wanted. I even searched for a sample 8-inch length cut! Haha! So, yesterday was really the day that I joined a charity event at the mall, together with my friend, H, whom very eager to go with me. Challenge accepted. Too bad, I wasn’t able to make it to register online, I’m on the waiting list. But good thing, there’s really a walk-in lane that day(Actually, I forgot to register online because my mind keep on changing and it’s too late that I found out that H was able to registered online, and it’s been days that the registration online was closed. In addition, I thought that there will be really a walk-in lane, and that’it.) I will give you the pros and cons side of being a walk-in participant. Starting of the pros, I was able to sign up, gain a new friend while waiting on the line, got my pic taken before and after cut, got my cut for free, and glad to be part of history for the most number hair donated in one day. So, for the cons, I have to wait for my name to be called on the waiting list, I have to wait on the line for my hair to be cut, and to wait and wait for my hair to be blow-dried. I am a bit disapointed because there’s no organized system for the blowdrying of hair part. I asked my hairdresser if he can blowdry my hair after cut, he just told me that there’s a long line and I need to wait. So, I went at the blowdryer section, sat there, waiting for my turn. But, I keep on seeing the hairdresser was on the line with their client, I just wasted my time there waiting. My face seem sad, so one staff approached me,  if I’m ok. I asked her if all client can get a blowdry after cut whether you registered or a walk-in, she said yes, so I keep on waiting there. Only to found out that, I need my hairdresser to blowdry my hair. Thank God that the staff was able to assist me, but I need to wait again. Thanks for the patience too, from my hairdresser for accomodating me even if he seem tired. Haaaay, I felt ashamed with my friends waiting for me to be finished. I just finished everything because I’m already there. Thank God for my considered true friends, who waited for me even if they don’t really look shocked from my haircut maybe because we’re all hungry. Haha! We ate at Frankie’s. Ate it all out. Simply rewarded myself from everything by spending for a really good food and drink. Thank You po, Lord! 🙂 All glory to you po! Hoping that I might able to join more events like this and be part of your happy and passionate servant, oh Lord! “Short hair coz we care”. I transformed to transform someone’s life. 🙂 

Fact: I really love my long hair ever since. I think when I was in preschool years that was the last time that I have an above the shoulder length cut. So, it’s really been years, and my hair was not only just a part of me, it means a lot for me. 🙂 

Nj  💇🏼💕👧🏼