1 AM thoughts, Hello. 

There are a lot of things inside my mind right now. A lot of things to do. Plan to disconnect to reconnect with my inner self. 10 days vacation leave plans, high hopes for me that it must be granted. Plan to read books. Plan to do things alone like going to a park and just feel the nature by walking or biking around. Plan to do charity work by volunteering. Plan to donate blood before this year ends. Plan to clean the house, organize my closet, our kitchen, and everything. Plan to study and review about Pediatrics for my upcoming transfer of unit that I’m not yet ready for it. Lastly, plan to travel alone going to Legazpi, Albay. So many things and plans to do, but I asked myself if all these would be really worth-it. Money wise and life experience wise. 

I just thought the need to post this because I can’t really sleep with bombarded plans in my head. 

I’ll stay calm by taking more deep breaths.

Inhale, exhale now.

Goodnight!! Turning 23 in less than 12 days! #ambivalentme