C o m e b a c k (517th)

Hey, how have you been these past year, months, weeks, and days? I do hope you’re doing fine out there..

And me,

Long time, no post..dearest, self. Huhu :/ though I visited my blog last year (2016) rarely or I should say occasionally.. I intended not to post, I don’t know why or maybe I’m too lazy.. sorry for the long hiatus without notice. I am always grateful for 2016, it was another braver year that I conquered – stepped out of my comfort zone, for real!!!! 

I want to share these special highlighted moments of my life last year: 

  • January 2016 – 1st time to celebrate New Year’s Eve at UERMMMCI Hospital. Then went home, celebrated with my family *we’re complete and happy. 
  • February – Went to Cebu with dad and my niece, to commemorate my grandmother’s 1st death anniversary. Our clan had a family bonding/get-together at Moal Boal, then, sidetrip at Kawasan Falls, also.  * Thanks for paying our plane tickets, sister! 
  • March – Passsed our AHA certified BLS training course with my barkada in college and Grace. 
  • – Had a major life decision to comply with the requirements for applying a nursing job in KSA.
  • April – 1st time to apply alone at MegePro. Decided to apply in NGH in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Submitted my requirements and had exam and interview the same day. Got lost in Makati. Passed all exams and initial interview.
  • – 1st time to travel and explore the Beauty of Singapore! It was an amazing experience! Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, City Tour, Night light and water shows, Food, Fragrance Hotel, Streets, Malls, and Airport!!! *thanks again to my travel buddy and financer, sister! 
  • – My BFF Sym’s civil wedding. I cried with joy and sadness in my heart as she stepped into another chapter of her life as a married woman. *also a brave year for her also, saying that “I do”.. wow, two big words. I am proud of her.
  • – Of course, been crazy in love with this kdrama, Descendants of the Sun!! Big boss Yoo Si Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon. Plus, their OSTs on repeat #ThankYouSpotifyandKissAsian
  • – I failed at MegaPro, because the Filipina interviewer said to me that I am too young to apply and they need 3 years of clinical experience in one specialty area. Ok, let’s move on. *thanks again for my sister for treating me a meal at Japanese Resto in Makati after I failed my final Interview. #ilovemysistersomuch
  • – 4north Pediatric Pay – Summer Outing in QC. 
  • May – 1st time to apply at SKILLS in Ermita Manila alone. I passed the interview, but rejected the offers due to low salary for Private Hospitals in Riyadh.
  • – 1st time to apply and submit my requirements at POEA (OFWFeels) ALONE after my morning shift duty. I forgot to bring my original birth certificate and passport that time, I was behind the date of submission, and that Window 19-20 about to close. 
  • – From night duty, Monday morning I came for interview alone. I thought it will be held at POEA, but it was held at SRO Makati. I waited very long, alone. Hungry, tired, and sleepy. I am not aware that there’s an exam. Didn’t review anything. While waiting, I just answer some nursing questions from the medical apps that I installed before in my phone. I just really prayed to God and trust my instincts. Thankfully, I passed the exam (OBGYNE & Neonatal Nursing Questions, hmm 20 items?) and interview with that strict Saudi woman staff. Imagined that from night shift, I made an excuse at the hospital that I can’t go on night duty (my excuse – I’m sick), but the truth is, its because still I didn’t sleep and went home, still I’m stuck in traffic.. I went home quarter to 10pm at home. Good thing, my father waited for me and cooked me my fave breaded chicken strips!!! Whut a day, really!!! God is so good all the time!!! Thank you! 💕
  • June – Passed my Saudi Council for Nurse Technician Prometric Exam and handed over my resignation letter from my current job at UERM Hospital. *brave moves here..
  • – Traveled to Cebu with my college barkada.  Epic moments: Jumping  5-10-12ft high waterfalls in Badian,  Riding edge-coaster in Crowne Regency Hotel, Beauty of Sumilon and Pescador Island, Temple Leah and Top’s view. 
  • – Been so hooked with this Kapamilya Teleserye’s On the Wings Of Love (OTWOL) been fan of Nadine Lustre and James Reid since then. 
  • July – Left my job as a staff nurse in UERM Hospital. Finalized my application in SRO even though I ended up in Abha, rather than Riyadh. Yes, still I pushed it thru, alone. 
  • – Last epic x eco adventure with my college barkada at Geo Masungi Reserve! 
  • – 1st time to dip, relax, and eat at ACE waterspa with my sister *finally! 
  • August – Braces off, Retainers on!
  • – Bon Voyage cake from my college barkada.
  • – Bonded with other of my college friends and workmates. *foodtrip weeks before my flight in KSA.
  • – Completed and passed all the requirements – Attended pre-flight Briefing at POEA *already familiarized myself to explore Makati and Ortigas, alone. Met friends along the way, also. 
  • – Traveled alone to KSA. * super challenging move EVER. I shed many many many many tears * 1L of tears. * walked/run alone, also.
  • – Had my own room in Aseer Hospital ~ Transient Home for 2 days & 1 night. *Building 10-11-12 (i forgot?)
  • – Had my own room *401 at Hossam Hotel. 
  • – Passed all my exams and orientation/training days at KMMCH.
  • Assigned at OBER for 3 days, then finally assigned at GYNE Ward. 
  • September – Just drowned myself with all kdramas to save me from being bored alone in my room.
  • – Learned to cook and everythingggg. *independence x adulting at its finest, self. Yet, I am super grateful with my sister who helped me a lot here in Khamis, KSA!!! #ilovemysistersomuch
  • October – Passed another AHA certified BLS training, again. 
  • – My 24th birthday celebration away from home. Thankful to have good sisters here, my second family. I bought them dinner at La Paz Batchoy, then we went at Jorry’s Cafe in the night. 
  • – Binged on kdrama, hence, became a kdrama addict = Hi, girl with bangs/fringe, on. For oppa, Bogummy, Baekhyunpie, and Seon In Gukyyyy. Annyeongggg! 
  • November – Transferred room to 410 and got new roommates. Learned a lot of Arabic words & Korean words, so far. Slightly mastered the routine of my work & had duty shifting already. 
  • December – Grown friendships with Cheryl, Angelica, and Hi, Grace!! 
  • – 1st time to celebrate Christmas here with my second family. Cheryl and I decorated their room. For our food, Angelica was a great cook!!! We had our exchange gifts. I got Angelica, and I gave her Mac russian red matte lippie. While, Analyn got me and she gave me rainbow stuff pillow and comfy pink blanket (coz for me *sleepislife and maybe she always saw me with my PJs on everyday).
  • – 1st time ever to watch and stream for MAMA 2016, Fell in love with EXO (Of course, Baekhyunpie 😍), and BTS’ choreo of BS&T!! 👑 total performer! Then, I gave in as I entered back again to KPOP world! 💕 *thanks for all the convincing flood of feels from my korean beshy, Gracee (kdramaxkpopbuddy).

🍃 End of entry — 2016 highlights 🌈

I miss my family and friends! Thank you so much for staying with me. And esp. Without God’s help and support, I am nothing, I can’t survived my existence here. I am indeed happy and grateful that I conquered a lot this year. 

“I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.” — Philippians 4:13 💛

Thank you for reading this, my friend! ☺️