My stay in KSA has been seven months of resilience, patience, and hardwork. Almost three months of being solo in room 401. Hence, four months of having roommates in room 410. My roommates and I have grown a relationship as sisters. I didn’t expect that it will be too early for us to be separated. Tomorrow, they will be transferred to another accommodation. Neither of us don’t like the idea, yet the management insisted to do so. I felt sad. I will surely miss Ate Grace & Ate Leslie even though we have 5-10 years age gap. Those times we shared while watching kdramas, preparing meals, waiting for the bus, helping each other, and our bonding in room 410. I will miss them. There were no perfect roommates, but they can be trusted and relied on, and for me those traits were essential. They both snored, and the other also has bruxism. They listened to my music even though its KPOP or Kdrama OSTs. They used my stuff like my laundry hamper, electric iron, electric kettle, extension cord, charger, cooking stuffs, rice cooker, hanger, utensils, Ipad, and almost everything, I am open to them. I let them. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just being so good to them so that they will be good to me also. Even my family got mad at me, I still let them use my stuff. I just trust and rely with their good heart as human being. Sometimes, I got easily irritated at them, but I just understand the situation, and moved on. Good love, wins. Thank you for everything, Ate Grace and Ate Leslie.. See you around the hospital!
Always, I believe that God is in control, And everything happens with a purpose. 

Thankfully, I still have my two roommates in our flat, whom I am really close to. I do really hope Angelica and Cheryl will stay with me until my exit here.