“Embrace your journey. You have come a long way and you’re still trying. That’s the beauty in remaining strong. Things always get better.”   — Unknown

Read this quote while browsing my Tumblr, and it gave me hope and strength. This is my last day off, work starts again tomorrow, two morning shift, three evening shift, then one night shift, hence, six straight days of duty. Breathe in, breath out, dearest self! We will conquer this, God always got our back! 24/7!! 
How I spent my day, in case you want to know.. 

  • I watched Vivid Romance and Be Positive mini kdrama series, total of six episodes each series. Both tackled about never giving up on your dreams. They never gave up until they really became police officer, teacher, actress, and film director. We cannot get those easily, but if we push forward towards our dreams, at least in our life, we will not have any regrets. Must watch series! ☺️
  • Yesterday, it was the first Sunday Mass for this month, and also first Sunday of Lenten Season. I listened to Holy Mass on Youtube. God is so good, many mass videos uploaded online, so no more excuses for not hearing it. About the Gospel, Jesus was tempted by Satan for three times, Jesus fasted for forty days, it was difficult, but He used His strong faith, not to be moved from Satan. For my spiritual reflection: I started to get rid of my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I deleted those apps on my phone. I got attached much from those apps, that’s why I detached. Three years ago, I started to detach myself from those apps every Lenten Season, and sometimes if I need something as sacrifice. I know it’s a small act of sacrifice. But for some, they may find it difficult not to keep posted and updated from social media for forty days, right? Self-control and self-discipline. It’s fulfilling to be detached, and to be able to discipline yourself even on simple things. So let’s do this! Keep on praying and strengthening our relationship with our Savior Jesus this Lent. “Disconnect to Reconnect”. *I’m happy I cameback here, my blogosphere! I am able to share my random thoughts again. Hehe!
  • I slept for 11 hours!!! I feel so alive! 
  • I pampered myself while listening to my feel so good kpop playlist: BTS, EXO, and Blackpink, and Kdrama OSTs, my soul is happy even I can’t understand their lyrics. I really like their melody, their voice, and flashback of my favorite scenes when I heard their osts. Hihi! Someday, I can learn Korean Language!!
  • Talked to my loved ones via FB messenger. I suddenly cried, I don’t know why. I miss them? Yet I’m still happy because my dad and brother were in good terms these days. Thank you po Father God!!! 😭
  • I finished my laundry, and ironing my uniform. 
  • Later, I will ready my stuff for tomorrow’s morning grind again.

That’s it for now.. thank you!

PS. I do really hope I have all my energy to start my journal/diary!! It’s March now. Month 3/12!! Push, self! 
From KSA with love, Goodnight, friends!