Hello! My sharing for this day will be short, only because I want to sleep early. Still, morning shift for tomorrow! 
Here’s a sunrise view from our pantry:

So, today, I heard two news from my head nurse, good and bad. First, bad news.. I can’t go to Dubai this March because I don’t have that so-called “Murabata”. This term was like a holiday means rest day, I can only get this if I came here during their celebration of Ramadan, month of June or July last year. Because I came a month late, goodbye expectations and hopes for now. Second, good news!!!! I’ve been sad to leave at KSA without having employment certificate, because the Ministry said that they will only give to those who served here more than three years.. but my head nurse opened awhile ago that if I want COE, she can help me. I do really, really hope she can help me!!! I know one year here would not be enough for me to learn, but still I’m growing and learning wherever I may be. These KSA and OFW experience were still very meaningful and beneficial for my growth, personally and professionally. Whatever 2017 may bring me, I believe God will direct my steps. I lift everything to Him alone.

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