Hello, time for some throwback post because it’s Thursday! 

Chapter One: Stepping out of my comfort zone.
When I finally made up my mind, gathered all the courage I have, and completed my pre-employment requirements, I started my application to work overseas, specifically in Riyadh, KSA. I wanted to apply where my cousin and Aunt worked for so many years, in National Guard Hospital. 

(Selca in April 5, 2016 — 1100H ~ I just wanted to pass my requirements in Megapro Agency in Makati, but I never expected that I will go home at 2000H, because I had an exam and initial interview, same day. And, I passed.)


(Where I stayed for long hours)

(While finishing my exam, I ate Skyflakes biscuit that my father put in my bag before I left home. Father’s know best, not advertising the biscuit, though.)

(In Makati, I walked a lot!!! Thanks to Waze app!!)

(April 30, 2016 — Came to my final interview and evaluation. I failed only in my final interview, because that Filipina interviewer told me that I am too young to apply, and she said I can apply  on their next delegation, next year, hence, I just need to gain more clinical experience then come back at them to apply. Okay, that was my first heartbreak.)

(After my final interview in Makati, my sister and her boyfriend, treated me lunch at Glorietta! I’m about to cry, or I cried? Can’t vividly remember, but here’s an authentic Japanese meal in front of me. Thank you, sis! Huhu. My sister is always supportive and caring, and okay, should I say this? Hmmm. She’s the best sister, ever!)
Definitely, I felt sad at first because, I failed – Normal human response. Yet, I still searched online where to submit another application. Then, my sister told me to apply at Skills agency in Ermita, Manila, legit agency, because that’s also the agency that my sister applied for FlyNas in Riyadh. May 2016, I came alone, submit my requirements, had an interview for two private hospitals in Riyadh, and both I passed. The two interviewers have different nationalities, one was Saudi, and the other was Egyptian. But, I turned down both hospitals because of their low salary offer. I came back at Skills, interviewed again by one Egyptian director in different private hospital, I passed, and refused to sign contract because of low salary offer. I gained some friends when I came three times at Skills. 
*Only my family and bestfriend, knew about my journey here and there. I got confused, discouraged, and tired. Wasted my time, effort, and money. But still, I am thankful with my family for all their support and encouragement, as always. 

Next chapter two, my SRO application story..

Thanks for reading!