Hi! How’s your week so far? 
Yesterday, we had our benign evening shift! Though patients kept on pressing the call bell, and patient’s husband came asking for the on-call doctor, still we managed our shift smoothly, In addition, I was the charge nurse too. 
We finished our duty around 2335H, one of my colleague was happy so she treated me french fries, then we just added mango milkshake even though the weather was chilly cold outside! I do really pray that she passed her IELTS exam with band score, 7 in all subject, next month!

(March 10, 2016 – 2400H @ Hospital lobby with my Indian Sister Mamatha)

I slept at 0430H after watching one episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and My Shy Boss. Oops, kdrama as always. In KSA, you can now feel the Summer Breeze. We’re now using our AC, 24/7! It feeeels sooo good because it’s free, no electric bill worries!! ✌🏼 

It’s been a good week for me. Thank you, Lord for everything! It’s my 10th day of detachment from social media apps. I hope I can get closer to my inner self, and to our Father God. #reflectionseason

Have a nice weekend, friends! 😚

Thank you!