Strange things happen when you wake up. Sometimes you’re acting crazy. Just like today, I woke up, then I tuned in my emo playlist with songs of my fave band. I felt sad and sleepy at the same time. Been sleeping for eight hours straight. I was that tired from yesterday’s night duty. When I reached for my phone, I opened youtube, then watched some clips and vlog. After watching, I started talking with myself, random stuff. You know, sometimes I also wanted to do what radio DJs do, always talking. I wanted to try vlog, also. So many things came in my mind, many stuff I wanted to do. 
Hello, overthinking.
I forced myself to stand up from my bed and ate my dinner.
Now, I’m on my way to work again. Yes, my third night duty. Good thing, I have my two days off tomorrow! Thank God!
Goodnight, everyone! 🙂