19032017 ✨

One beautiful woman that has a special space in my heart is celebrating her life anniversary today. She loves Hello Kitty, pink stuff, beauty cosmetics, watching TV and Korean dramas, surfing the net, listening to music, traveling, shopping, playing games, and etc. She doesn’t love to read books, extreme rides, and hiking. She can be both happy and irritated on little things. She often have enemies and suitors in her school before. She both have crazy and girly group of friends. I can remember when and why she got her first period because she was really excited on Meteor Garden’s first episode aired May 5, 2003. Before, we’re both fans of F4 and Arashi. We both love to listen on Korean drama OSTs, MYMP, and Silent Sanctuary. She used to watch beauty vlogs on Youtube channel like Michelle Phan, and many others. She sometimes experimented my face when practicing make-up. Hence, my hair also, when she started to learn how to properly curl and straighten hair. She used to have eyeglasses before since grade school. She used contact lenses too, when she started in her College years. She’s a shifter, before she tried Nursing for a year, but thereafter she enrolled course on Tourism. She’s always on makeup, though she’s beautiful even without it. She’s the girly-chic type, but at home, she sometimes likes messy room because she’s lazy to clean up. Often times, she’s lazy doing household chores. She’s not into planner or journal, she can start it for months, but can’t finish it until year ends. She can be both clingy and moody. If she’s mad, she can really hate you because she can’t control her anger at times. But then, she will feel guilty and sorry. She has a soft-spot, so she can always forgives. She loves our family so dearly. She doesn’t smoke. She’s an occasional drinker. She lived her youthful years with fun, confusion, and love. We both love to go out together or with our group of friends rather than to go home straight after school. We do play crazily while waiting for our father to fetch us in school, I remembered when we’re both playing, then suddenly I got startled with her so she pulled my long hair and I lost my balance so I fell on the ground. We’re both laughing hard. We both got addicted playing games before. She likes Sims, Adventure of Spyro and Lomax, Crash Bandicot, Metal Slug, Bomberman, Harvest Moon, Super Mario Bros, Geo Map Challenge, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Farmville, L4D, and Counterstrike. She’s not into sports. She rarely perform on stage. I remembered we both performed interpretative dance the same day at school, she’s on 6th grade that they’re group danced “We Are One”, while I’m on 5th grade, our group danced “Sa’yo Lamang”. Before, I always asked her to play games with me, like singing random songs until we can’t think anymore, saying the brand/advertisement during commercials, and other simple games to kill time and boredom, she always lose and get tired of my silly games. I really miss our bonding moments together at our home. 
I’m proud of her ever since. She’s strong and independent woman. Though, she’s fine having passing grades and had difficulties on finding a job before, still she didn’t gave up and lose hope. She struggled, yet she was redirected by God to reach her dream right now as a flight attendant/ cabin crew. 

Thank you for raising me and supporting me all throughout the years. Thank you for all our shared sentiments, feelings, clothes, makeup, food, and all stuff. Haha. My words will never be enough to express how I am thankful for everything.

I am immensely grateful for her existence in my life. Even my friends loved her. I can’t wait to travel and explore the world with her. I am always here to support you through ups and downs, even in rocky and smooth paths. We are family. I love you so much, sister Marie/ Tine/ Kristine/ Donya Buding! 🌷


May you be filled with pure love and happiness, coz you deserve it, woman! May all your passion and heart desires overflow. God is always watching and guiding you. Know that there’s no impossible things with Him. God’s love never fails to uphold you and strengthen you. Adulthood will never be an easy journey, but hey! We got each other’s back. Hihi. We love youuuuu! 💐