Hello! How are you doing? 🙂 

Again it’s throwback Thursday, so I will bravely tell my journey here in KSA, from registration to application until I arrived here in Assir. 

Chapter 2: My SRO Application 

PART I: Registration

  • May 13, 2016 — I was on duty, benign morning shift, then I arranged all my documents there and asked for permission so that I could go on early out to pass my requirements at POEA. I remembered that from our hospital I called at POEA hotline asking for something, I don’t know if I asked if I could still pass my requirements for King Saud Hospital application because I was behind their deadline already which was May 12, 2016, still I tried to pass that day. I rode bus going to POEA, it was standing ovation, bus was so full of passengers. I’m worried that time if I will still push through with passing my requirements because I forgot to bring my original documents and I don’t know if I can arrived on time before they closed. I arrived at POEA for the first time, and hello, OFW feels for real! Am I going to this alone? Can I really do this? Is this what I want? Too many questions popping on my mind that time. When I went to Window 19-20, one staff came and assessed my documents, good thing that he didn’t ask for my original documents. He gave me this orange card. He asked me if I really wanted to apply here at SRO because he said that if I apply, there will be no reassurance of place of work, it could be any parts in the Kingdom that I should prepare myself. I asked if he could passed my documents for King Saud application, but he declined, he said to me that don’t bother to apply because that hospital offered smaller pay. He pointed out to the paper under the glass window, he said even though with or without text I can come for interview next week, and he advised not to go during Monday because of more applicants would be coming. But then, I ought not to listen to him. 

    (My first orange card from POEA — you must register online first so that you can get your registration number.)

  • May 16, 2016 — From slightly toxic night shift, I ate breakfast at 7eleven, hotdog sandwich and water, then I waited for the bus maybe for 45 minutes. Rush hour, still many passengers that morning heading to Ortigas. I’m alone with my scrub suit on and pocket of positivity, I pushed through going to POEA. I changed my clothes there for an interview attire, knee-length skirt and blouse. I just rushed going there and changed my attire, and yet I arrived at the wrong place of interview. Epic moment, self. That one staff pointed down under the glass window, where I must go for interview. Ugh. 

(Why I didn’t took a picture of this when I went at POEA before.. Huhu. Epic.

SRO address — I immediately hopped on a taxi going here, thanks also to Waze app. I arrived at the right place though a little bit late, past nine already, because traffic as always.)

  • May 16, 2016 — arrived at SRO building. Hello, there’s a long line of applicants waiting outside. Under the heat, I waited in line. I talked to some applicants, most of them our Muslim that came from Mindanao just to be interviewed. I became friends with Ate Ritch and Ate Noraiza, they were both Ex-Saudi. They told me all their work experiences with this agency, SRO. We waited outside for 3-4 hours? Then, we again waited for 3 hours? for taking the exam. While waiting, I already had nap, ate brunch, and review some notes on my phone. I am really not prepared for the exam, I don’t even have enough sleep, load, internet data, and money that time. Huhu. I’m very out-fashioned also. I wore my scrubsuit blue pants, blouse, and my doll shoes. In applying for Saudi, all must observe conservativeness, so my knee-length skirt was a no, no. This moment came, exam time. The exam was divided on what experience you had. For me, OB-GYNE category. We belong to second batch, and from that we’re only six applicants who took OBGYNE exam. I guess it was 20 items, and passing score was 60-70%? Among of us, only two passed the exam. Time checked, 1700H and I was very hungry, sleepy, tired, quite loss my positivity of passing because the exam were a bit difficult, I forgot what to answer from those bookish type of questions. I just lift everything to God, that whatever happens, I will trust His will. If He will pass me or not, it’s all in His hands. If you didn’t pass the exam, they will give your name a shout, and wait for you to stand up and leave the glass door.  The staff will tell you to apply on their next delegation. Slight humiliating for the ones who failed. Yet, luckily, I passed! Then waited for my name to be called for interview. Maybe I waited again for 30 minutes? I was very nervous that time because some applicants said that one female staff was very strict and she turned down some applicants. Then, it was my turn.. I was interviewed by that strict female staff, I don’t know what’s her nationality..maybe Egyptian, Sudanist, or Jordanian? I answered her questions with confidence. I aced that interview because I have clinical experience caring for pre-eclampsia and GDM mothers. She said that my exam was not that high but I was good during interview. I was shocked with myself too, even I’m very tired and sleepy!!! Thankfully, I passed both exam and interview. I just wanted to finish everything because it’s getting late already, the male Saudi staff gave me slot for Riyadh Hospital. It’s 1900H and still I’m at Makati, I still have my night duty, then I made an excuse that I was sick that I cannot go on duty. I was inside the shuttle, I even asked the driver that time to turned down his stereo’s volume because I will make a call to our nursing supervisor. Haha, another epic moment. The female passenger beside me and the driver maybe controlling their laugh inside the shuttle van because of my excuse not to go to work. Haha. Even though, I’m very embarassed, I didn’t mind them because I really need to make that call. Around 2130H, I finally arrived at my home!!! Hello, my zombie self, almost 24 hours awake! What a day!

    (My folder with all my documents.)

    (Many applicants, indeed on a Monday! Took some snaps for my memory haul purpose only) 

    *I don’t know if I’m allowed to post these snaps.. maybe I will not just use any hashtags so it will not be searchable on web..?

    • When I reached home, my father cooked one of my fave dish, breaded chicken!!! I ate a lot, took bath, shared every detail of my day to my family, then sleeeeeeeept! 
    • Of course, I will never end my day not thanking God for everythinggg He had done. Wow, God you are amazing! I coudn’t surpass this crucial part of my registration process without your grace and guidance. 

    End of Part I

    I’m blogging while I’m on duty today, God is good we’re not busy on our evening shift, I’m the charge nurse too so I must work now. Till my next update for Part II – Application process for KSA!!! This is it. 🎤 All by myself.. 

    Goodnight, friends!