Hey self, thank you for controlling and disciplining yourself, you made it so far! 27th day of social media fasting. I’m also happy that you’re continuing your passion rolling here everyday. Now, I want you to focus on this concept, whenever You can’t think of what to post for today.. You will share your simple joy/s daily, just like what you’re doing on your previous blog posts but with this kind of format. Hehe. 

I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. God is always good! 💕

Simple joys for today: 

  • I enjoyed my “me” time, coz I’m alone at our flat when I got home, all of them were on evening shift. Music with Speakers, on!
  • Cooked Piniñahang Manok for dinner and then, I ate raw cucumber x tomato after. 
  • Benign morning shift with my fave duty-mate, Anusha and Narmatha. Fun and light shift today because of them.
  • Done with my laundry. Ironed my uniforms too!
  • Fixed my documents for Saudi Council Registration, but still I will get a new form tomorrow because I got errors while accomplishing it.
  • Cleaned our flat a bit, and threw all our garbage waste. I was able to exercise a bit too because I used our stairs while throwing those waste. We’re on fourth floor, FYI.
  • Listened to my current fave Kpop playlist! BTS’ You never walked alone tracks & Young Forever, x Red Planet’s tracks. 
  • Now, relaxation time and blogging about my day. 
  • Currently, I’m addicted again with games in my phone! I’m playing Mario Run, WordBrain, SFG2, and Sniper 3D!!! 

One of my fave online computer game ✌🏼

Missed playing this kind of game with our Gameboy and Play Station before.

This was good too coz they got missions for you to accomplish!

I always like this kind of exercise for the brain. In addition also, to my Text Twist and Bookworm apps on my phone.

Time to sleep! Morning shift again tomorrow. Goodnight, friends! 

Always be grateful 🌷