I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. All glory to God! 

 Simple joys for today:

  • Ate Angelica treated me sweet strawberry smoothie! 
  • Able to wake up on time, to attend Sister Mamatha’s lecture about Female Reproductive System and IUFD. Though I failed in post-test because I didn’t listened attentively and I still didn’t memorize with all my heart these six patient safety goals and fall risk assessment tool, I’ve accepted my consequence for not paying attention. I just ate a lot of delicious cookies n’ cream chai latte, crinkles, and bread after that lecture in our ward. Thanks to Sister Amnah for the prepared snack. After that lecture, we had our ward meeting. My head nurse, Sister Amnah, recognized my effort on checking all expiration dates from our emergency trolly kit. It felt a little bit great, but honestly, I’m not gonna check those things if she didn’t asked me to do it. That time, I was the charge nurse and I must check and clean everything in our ward because some staff from MOH will make a visit.
  • I was able to help Ate Grace regarding her booking going to Jeddah. I accompanied her and offered my ATM card to pay for her booking online, because her ATM card can’t make a paying transaction, then she just paid me with cash. 
  • I was able to manage my seven patients. Got positive compliments  and appreciation from all my patient. I’m feeling fulfilled with my care. Though my only struggle, effective communication. Good thing, sister Narmatha helped me a lot to communicate well with my patients using Arabic language. Thank you, chechi!
  • Ate Lheslie shared with me her half chicken tortilla from Herfy. Good midnight snack after I had a tiring evening shift. 

Goodnight, everyone! Thank you for being there.

Always be grateful 🌷