Vision Board.

What do I really want?

This year.


It’s never too late.


As I reflect with this very touching and inspiring talk at 4am, I really cried hard because sometimes I feel stuck in life. Maybe, I still didn’t know yet what I really really want. It’s been years since I heard of making vision board and how powerful it was. I want to make a vision board too. But now that I am abroad working, maybe I just need to jot down in my journal diary for now and everyday I must see and pray for those things.

Can you also watch this video? It’s never too late to start and realize that this year will be our best year ever. Let’s try to be really selective among our circle on who we will trust and share our goals and plans because sometimes even our families and friends doesn’t bother to care or support us. 
I am really moved by this power of imagination. Thank you so much for this talk, though just today I listened to this, it’s very very helpful to me this year and in the future.