Father, thank you for this day. I’m alive and healthy. Forgive me coz that all day I’m just chained with my phone and ipad. I interacted with my roommates and LDR friends. Done with preparing my stuff, my back to work series for tomorrow. I cooked spaghetti for everyone, and esp. for my self-cravings. I watched a Japanese movie, Your Lie in April. It was a good movie, live life with no regrets and listen to what’s inside your heart. Music has freedom. I miss playing piano. I kinda reminisced an anime that I watched before that resembled that movie. I had again late night realizations with my life. I hope I can soundly sleep in awhile, knowing that some of my friends missed me while I disconnected from my social media accounts for almost 7 weeks. Thank you for remembering me thru your mentioned in comments, tagged photos and memories, and messages. I am touched. I thought I’m just all alone sometimes. I downloaded again those apps, I was a bit shocked because of those updates and changes. It’s time to pray deeply and hold on to you, Lord Jesus. I love you. Thank you for everything. All glory to you.