Wide awake maybe for 24 hours already. Feeling zombie since morning. I just wanna lay down on my bed inside my cold room. I want to hybernate straight from eight to nine hours. Yet, I want to wake up on time because I still got my second morning shift tomorrow. Some news spreading that we will have our new flatmate that she will start to transfer here in our flat tomorrow. Many negative rumors we heard about her attitude and personality. At first, we didn’t like this idea of having a new flatmate and we’re silently opposing too within our flat. We have no choice. But, I know God has a good purpose, help us to understand your purpose, oh Lord. We don’t wanna treat her bad because after all she just wanted a place to stay. She will also have a major adjustment. For us, vice-versa. We just want a simple win-win situation with her. I want to trust that she has a good heart just like everybody. I hope it will turned out good. Lifting it all to God.

I ate a lot today to bottle up my sleepiness since I went home at 1600H. We had a busy but smooth shift that we’re able to help one another to go home on time, received census 19, and then we endorsed 20 patients with 2 trans-out from their shift one to DR, and another I transferred my newly admitted patient to OR for emergency E&C. Now, I will now freshen up and sleep nicelyyyy. 

Always be grateful 🌷