At the beginning of our shift, we were just chilling and happy while waiting for doctor’s rounds. It’s my 4th day of morning duty. I thought it will be a smooth shift until the end. I really can’t control everything in my own hands. After all doctor’s rounds. I started preparing medications, IV fluids, and the like. I started CTGs for my two antenatal case patients, I started 3rd dose of Tractocele drip via infusion pump for one my of antenatal case patient, and then one of my patient in 112A an old mama with G12P10+1 prev 5cs has moderate bleeding. I gave her pads, changed bedsheet, started Normal Saline, checked vital signs, and informed ROD. Doctors came and ordered for emergency e&c at 1416H. She had passed many and big clots, and has severe bleeding. We shifted patient as fast as we could. Good thing, Sister Anusha & Sheeba was with me that time to help me prepare my patient and file for OR. Thank you so much. While I’m endorsing my patient. I told Sister Anusha to check my CTGs, and she did. She removed my CTG for 113A, and removed the IVF tube from infusion pump but she regulated it very slowly because the IV pump kept on alarming. I checked also, it was slowly infusing. But, during endorsement it was a little bit regulated fast. I don’t know who to blame. Before I finished my endorsement with my patient, I immediately hooked that tube back to infusion pump and it goes well, no alarm until we left the ward. If it’s low batt, has air or occlusion it will alarm. Who to blame that it was already off when that evening staff came to see patient at 1700H. Who to blame. I really do hope that both mother and baby was stable and fine. I don’t want to get OVR for that sentinal event because I am very sure I hooked that drip to infusion pump well with no error or alarm,  and plugged it on the wall socket too. Lord, help me and protect me and my patients. I know deep in my heart that as nurses we don’t want to cause any harm for our patients. Lord, I know I’ve been very tired and fed up this week because of short staffing with full house census but I do my tasks with presence of mind and focus, I know I keep on calling your name for everyday guidance that I may care and protect my patients away from further harm. I will continue to trust and hold on to you. I will let go all of my worries and tired spirit up to you. One incident too that happened before I started my endorsement was I lost one of my CTG strip for patient 113B, it fell out of my pocket. I can’t find on the floor and in other rooms and files. Huhu. Lifting my day to you, Oh Lord. Help me face my consequences, for your mercy and grace will strengthen me and mold me. 
Goodnight, Father God!!!

I will not give up. Duty day 5/6 tomorrow.

Always be grateful 🌷



(As I see the skies darken at night, my hope will grow until morning comes. *Breath, self. You can do all things with God!!!)