Today’s duty was a breather so far. It’s my day five out of six duties this week, and it’s benign even if we received 19 patients. I got six patients, then received one admission. I’m thankful that my Indian Sister Mamatha and Narmatha helped me with regards to Tractocele Drip yesterday. Dearest Lord, thank you!!! My patient and her baby were good and stable. Though she still have mild contractions on her previous CTGs, that Tractocele would really help. Anyway, I found my lost CTG strip too. I found it on top of that ultrasound machine that we used yesterday for my severe bleeding patient. Really, God you are faithful in all ways and amazing. Thank you for always backing up on me even if I felt really down and tired yesterday!!! Thank you!!

Before endorsement, I asked sister Mamatha if I could borrow her laptop for my due report next week, and she said “yes, no problem” Awwww. I’m hesistating at first to ask for her laptop because maybe she won’t allow it, but I just have to try and ask anyway. Thank you in advance, sister! 

Tomorrow, CBAHI staff will come to our hospital for accreditation and they will have site visit and ask all staff. Preparations and cleaning, done. Hoping that CBAHI staff will come early in the morning because staff were more prepared than us, evening shift. But, I put my trust in You, oh Lord. Whatever time they will come, may you bless and guide all of us tomorrow, let your will be done for us and for this hospital we’re working at. In addition, we received news again that our new flatmate will come tomorrow morning at 0900H. My roommates and I tried to fix our room to look it more crowded and quite messy. I know that’s it’s bad that we’re overthinking and overreacting too much on an event that ‘s still not happening and judging our new flatmate based on what other’s saying. Sorry for that. But we will just see what will happen.. I’m just trusting the process. We all hope for a good and peaceful start with her. 

Before this day ends, I’m very touched with all Thai Army fans there in Bangkok!!!! These pictures were very awesome and lovely!!! I love and believe in BTS! Let’s all together spread our wings and fly high 🙌🏼

(Photo credits: BTS international twitter fan based page – thank youuuu!)

Goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷