First time I forgot to take ECG for my long time patient before I shifted her to Operating room. She will deliver her baby via emergency cesarean section due to failed induction of labor by Prostin tablet. I am really thinking what did I forgot while I was wheeling my patient to OR. When we arrived in OR, boom, I realized that I didn’t taken ECG!!! I’m out of my mind. I’m very nervous that time when anesthesia doctor came to check my patient. She browsed her laboratory reports, and praised me a bit for hooking plain Normal Saline IV Fluid. Primpran and Ranitidine incorporation in IV fluid finished already before I shifted my patient. Good thing, she didn’t look for the ECG, due to patient was indicated for emergency. But still in my mind and heart, I really forgot to take so I must take my consequence, that OVR. So, I confessed to the nurse I am endorsing with and she just said to me that there’s no problem for her. She will just tell the anesthesiologist, if needed they will just take ECG inside OR. But I felt relieved, coz that nurse was not that mad at me. When I came back in my ward, every time the phone rang, I always checked if it’s from OR. Only one time they called but I’m at the bedside with a doctor. That OR staff asking about the vaccination card, not with ECG thing. Thank God. My colleague told this OR nurse that from our head nurse that vaccination card was new and no need for stamp. I confirmed directly to my head nurse that vaccination card, and she said that one new and no need for stamp. I hope they will not really give me an OVR regarding that card because I haven’t done anything wrong. 
While crossing the road on the way to our accomodation, I saw a sunflower planted in the middle of the road. It’s really beautiful and sunflower is one of my fave flower, so me and my colleague picked some flowers. We’re just too happy. #simplejoys

Goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷