BTS ~ Bangtan Fandom really hit me since I watched them last year on MAMA. I never knew I would love them this far? Is this me? Haha! And I’m not that sure if maybe I’m just really influenced by my friend for loving BTS? But really, really, really, these boys were so multi-talented, youthful, energetic, influential, pursuer of dreams, humble, cute and good-looking humans on earth! Omgggg!!! How can I get out of this fandom? They were very amazing when they perform and bond with each other and to Army fans! 

I love how Army PH respect their privacy when they arrived in PH! I hope these boys will enjoy their stay all throughout. So excited for Day two Tomorrow!! 
Army ❤️ BTS Day 1 – Wings Tour In Manila!

(All photos from Army PH Fans out there, Maraming Salamat!!!)

Daebakkkk performances!! Saranghaeyo~ I wish I was able to watch your concert too HUHU. (Someday, someday)

Goodnight and sleep well Rapmon, Jhope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and My Jungkook ~ 💕

Always be grateful 🌷