Day off, finally!

You know the mall hours during Ramadan here in our place? It’s 2100H – 0200H!

Even if the weather here is about cray cray.. just like these had happened while I’m sleeping soundly this morning..

(Raining with ice! Hale storm? ⛈⛈⛈ photo credits from Ate Arlene) 

(This was their struggle before going for their evening duty. Photo credits from Ate Lheslie.)
Good thing, it didn’t rain hard after that. So, Ate Grace and I went out at Khamis Avenue Mall around 2030H. We contacted Kuya Ronald as our driver, he was so kind, helpful and above all, has a lot of patience unlike other drivers. At the mall, I bought stuff mostly for myself.. a night lamp, set of earrings, cute travel neck pillow, cute shoulder bags, denim blouse, cardigan, and a simple tank top. And, here our some of my snap:

(Ramadan theme – They have small booths inside the mall too, just like tiangge hehe)

(Gave in and bought this night lamp for 40SR, last tawad price na raw yun, dating 50SR, yeppp, may tawaran na ganap even in KSA!! Another fact: I’ve always fond of night lamp most esp. with cute designs such as stars.)

So, another highlight of my day was this!!!

Huhu for real OMGGGGGG!!!? I am getting excited to go home real soon! 😍 thanks again, graceeyy for this! Lam na thisss! 💖 Jimin-shi and my Jungkookie~ grabehhh! 

Hihi goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷