Never I’d expected that I will face again this syndrome in my life. First, I had it on my right wrist in year 2014 or 2015?!! Got rehab sessions at UERM for my wrist. No joke, it’s very painful. I cannot use my hand, I cannot hold and grip things well. Huhu. Then, it’s been three weeks that I’m enduring pain on my left wrist. I am thankful that Ate Grace and Cheryl accompanied me to KGH for check-up. Good thing, there’s a Pinay NOD in OPD that morning, she helped us a lot, from registration, short queue, brought me to good ortho consultant, prepared my medication, and until the end!! Thank youuu, Ate Joanne! Actually, I didn’t know the real cause why I got this syndrome?? I just remember that three weeks ago I spent my day off doing the laundry, I used a dipper to transfer water to washing machine though I used a water hose too, but I just wanted to fill the washing machine with water fast. That’s why I strained my wrist!? Hmmm. 

I’ve received this medication, after the doctor assessed my wrist, he’s so quick to rule out that I have De Quervain Syndrome just by holding my hand. 

(Photo credits from google – the medication was opaque white in color, not like this photo above, but that’s the site and injection used. Depo Medrol is a steroid which reduce inflammation. First time to received this drug!!) 

After I have received Depo Medrol injection, the doctor said I will have severe pain for 2-3 days, and I must take pain reliever. GAAASH!! It’s so freaking painful, I even cried like a baby with my parents during our video conference. Too much pain on my first day. I can’t use my hands. I am thankful that my head nurse had given me two more extra off! 

(This was my left wrist, there’s a mild swelling and redness)

I got depressed for awhile because I am overthinking, what if it will not heal? What if I cannot use my left hand again? So many what ifs, but my faith had Saved me. I relaxed. I prayed. I listened to mass, to Brother Bo’s full tank videos, and to worship songs. I even watched #OneLove Manchester benefit concert on Youtube! The livestream was so good. All the artists were adorable. Unity. Love. Peace. Warmth. Everybody was safe. The skies were amazing too. 
Thanks to my family, friends, and flatmates for your support! I know God will heal me soon. Love youuuu 💖 

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Always be grateful 🌷