I stepped on this hospital first, and I remember how my heart skipped so fast because of my worries instead of excitement. I am scared. I am alone. But I looked up in the sky, and I see you Lord. He calmed and comforted my weak soul. This is why I love skies, I see and feel His presence even more. From that day onwards, I learned and appreciate the word Independence. 

Like early afternoon, I had to go alone and have my police clearance be translated. Though I doubted our new driver at first, I trusted God that I will be safe. When I seated to his car, first thing that I saw was a picture of Jesus Christ. I felt safe and thankful. When we started to depart, I started to have a video conference with my dad. I told him just to be there and not to drop my call until I arrive in my destination, and he did. Brother Binu, my driver that time was very kind and helpful coz he looked around to where’s that translation office even though it’s very hot outside.. then we found the office. Translation process will take a day, So I submitted my original police clearance with copies of my iqama and passport. When we’re about to leave, I called again my dad, he told me why I left there my original police clearance without a photocopy on hand. Omg. I almost forgot to take copies, good thing I called him. #fatherknowsbestforreal hehe. He really knew how adulting works when it comes to all your documents! Big thanks to my two dad, I accomplished my errand quick and safely.

As I end my post, I hope Marawi people can experience again freedom, living without fear, having peace and love just like their lives before. I pray that chaos will cease asap. My prayers also goes to all brave armies fighting with their lives for peace and order in Marawi. 😦
“We can Trust Him that He will never leave us to walk these dangerous streets alone.”