First time to watch and celebrate with all of you on your fourth anniv!! *Thanks for the livestream on Vlive!!!! Four years of hardwork and teamwork!! So thankful and proud huhu they make me so happy, hype and kilig!! They made me want to dance again so hard just like them!! They are soooo goooood and amazing dancers. For all the army fansites with very cute fanarts, they made me want to draw and doodle again!!! Can’t believe on myself that I am stanning this family for six months already as an international/LDR army?!! I even have their playlist on my phone for that longgg time. First, I only downloaded Blood, Sweat and Tears, then numerous songs added, Save Me, Fire, I Need You, Dope, Run, Danger, Not Today, Spring Day, Outro, Young Forever, I know, So Far Away, We Don’t Talk Anymore cover, and Wine by Suran. I always fell in love with their unique concepts, beautiful MVs, meaningful lyrics, lively choreo, friendship, teamwork, humility, and love for ARMY!!! They make me emo all the time that I really want to see them so bad. Someday, someday. Jebal!!! Juseyo~~ I want to come to Korea and support BTS all out. Fangirl dreams 💓💓💓 I hope they can have fansigning events again this year in all countries 😭 if I may not see you this year, okaaaay, I’m okayyyy. Just please be healthy, stay healthy, and keep on pursuing your dreams together. Thank you for always feeding and spoiling us from all of your post. For the thought of thinking of us, Army all the time. Awwwwww, my weak heart!!! Thank youuuuu for existing in my twenty-four year young life. ✨✨✨✨

I love youuuu Jungkookie, Chim Chim, V, Suga, Jin, Rapmon, Jhope 🌷👑💖

Young forever!!! 

To more beautiful moments in life!!!


Army Nj ~