People do change for some instance. Maybe because I resigned already and he will go on his vacation. He want to reconcile? Can’t forget this day that Doctor O that I almost cursed will ask for forgiveness for all his shitty mood swings and rudeness to us, nurses. I do not take anything he say and act personally coz I work professionally. I get mad, yes, but after when I finish venting out, I’m okay. Act normal. Poker face. His not worth my time and energy to burst my anger. Nonsense. His not an additional factor or reason on why I resigned, so no need for him to feel guilty, actually. But I’m thankful that he realized his mistakes and ask for forgiveness. I just smiled and accept his sorry. He even took a selfie with me on his phone not once but twice. 🤣 I’m a soft-hearted person and I really appreciated his effort. Thank you, Doctor O! Best Regards too on your future endeavors. Thanks for signing my pseudo-COE and Referrence Letter even though you finished all your OR Cases late, still you went at our ward when Sister Anusha called you for signing my stuff. Thank you. 

Always be grateful. Believe in the goodness of people. Always forgive. 🌷