Last morning duty – day 2/4!

I’m so thankful that Sis Anusha paired my schedule with Cheryl!! As I’ve told you on my old posts, or maybe I forgot to mention.. that in our ward, we were only two Filipina, the rest were Indian and Saudi. So, until my last day of duty, I’m with my favorite human!!!!! Yes, who’s happy? Both.

We had our long overdue date at Assir Mall. I’m so thankful that I’m with bes, I am very comfortable and happy when I’m with her. No dull moments huhu. Spontaneous date as always! We even went home at 0200H!!!! Can’t forget that we’re both eating our take-out Max food( fries x chicken) at the waiting area while waiting for our driver. We couldn’t resist the smell of newly-cooked fries and chicken, and we’re both hungry again even though we ate dinner when we arrived at the mall. Haha. So as always, she bought many stuff again compare to me that I only bought one bag that I really fell in love with even if it’s a bit costly!!! Here:

This bag will be a memorable one because my gyne family contributed to buy me a send away gift, since Cheryl was with me and she was assigned to buy me that gift, she just supported me to finally buy this bag!! 💙 Thanks to my gyne family 😘
Always be grateful 🌷