Got pressured, you know? I only finished packing my balikbayan box in one night and sealed it. Huhu. Wrong move. Why I closed it so sooooooon. I’m so bad that I got pressured with my flatmate. She didn’t done anything wrong. It’s just me, myself, and I to punish. K, Just kidding. Hehe. It’s tiring to fix all your stuff in a box. Struggle was real. Even if I didn’t make sulit the space in my box, and it’s mostly just my stuff, not pasalubong, I’m thankful with all the OFW feels after packing. I even forgot five things to put in my box but I don’t want to open it anymore. I’ll just leave it like that. 

This is it! Going home soooon! I hope our lift in our hotel accomodation will work as sooon as possible so that we cand send our parcel to Ph. Jebal ~~~

(Of course, blue 💙)