It’s your special day, Papa and kuya. You both were not perfect human being, but I love you, two. You have flaws, negativity, freaking high ego and pride, bad habits, short temperance, impatience, close-mind and heart. Still, I love you both. I don’t want to have dramatic post for now because you already knew how much love, respect, and acceptance I have to both of you. I will just sincerely ask a short prayer to my Heavenly Father with regards on my Dad and brother.. 

Heavenly Father,

I earnestly pray that they may have healthy relationship towards each other and to You. I pray they grow spiritually together to praise and serve you. Use me to heal their broken pasts and issues, and use me to bring them closer to you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

I’m always grateful that I have a dad that could do and fix everything for me, 100%. For my brother too that could be both my happy and anger pill. Thank you! 💓

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad in our blogosphere! 👨🏽

Alwayd be grateful 🌷