Have you tried making a zine? 

Actually, what is that?

Here’s a very helpful link I stumbled on Youtube after I ate my lunch: 

How to make a Zine ๐Ÿ’–

How was it?

Are you inspired to make yours too?

Me? I got inspired!!! Even if I didn’t have enough materials with me.. I still did give it a try. I used my old cute wrappers, colored pens, old floral washi, glue stick, scissors, and pink colored paper. I just searched cute drawings and quotes from Pinterest!!! At first, I don’t know what will I put with my zine.. I paused for a moment while searching in Pinterest. Then, I decided to make a zine for my closest friend here in KSA, Cheryl. So, 2-3 hours I spent for making this zine. Yes. Eight pages. Because I’m thinking and searching at the same time for my content. I’m happy for my first-ever zine though it’s not perfect with my drawing and designs..but I’m thankful that Cheryl liked it! I kept it inside her wallet(the one I gave to her) and told her to read it after some time.. hihi. 

Thanks to Miss Jordan’s Youtube Channel and Pinterest!! ๐ŸŒธ

I want to spend some of my vacant time doing artsy stuff and watching k-dramas(obviously). Andddd, I want to watch BTS’ Bon Voyage S2 too huhu!!! Linkkkk pls? *free and with Eng Subs??? army โค ๐Ÿ˜
Thank you!

Always be grateful ๐ŸŒท