It’s first of July!!! It’s the time of the month for me to finally leave K S A !!!

I packed my luggage already!! Too many things to pack! Hoping that my luggage will weigh around 21kg only? I don’t want to pay for any excess kg if ever. You know, I have same problem every time I’m using my luggage where I bought online… lock code problem huhu.. good thing they responded within one hour in my email! They sent two video how to access back again your forgotten code. For me, I’m 100% sure that I didn’t forgot my password. Maybe, there’s really a problem with my luggage code.. but I don’t want to complain anymore because I will stick to it until it’s useful and durable. Thanks to your customer service representatives for replying fast on emails!!!
I’m not feeling so happy today. Mood swings on my first period. But I’m happy I got it earlier before my flight! It’s very uncomfortable to move if ever. 

Hoping for a productive day tomorrow morning.. Please I want to get my bank clearance asap.. I want to get a certificate of employment.. I want to book a one-way ticket to PH, for flight on Friday/Saturday!!!!! Please I want to go home.. 😥 but before I go home, Can I tour in Abha for one last time?! Please make it happen!!

Always be grateful 🌷