God is so good! Perfect morning and weather all day for our quick trip to Al Soudah Park yesterday 040717~

Preparation: the day before our trip.. ~030417

I went to hospital for exit visa application, thank God! I saw Sister Christina, Indian Staff at DR, when I went out in my room, she’s in front of the elevator, I asked her if she will go to hospital, she replied, yes. We went together to hospital. Yey! So, I went to Sister G for exit visa, she replied, if I have ticket with me then I file for exit visa.. it will take only one day to process that visa she said. I just finished my wakala form and took signed from HR. And I took sign from consultant doctor for recommendation letters. Thank you Doc Babiker and Asma. Just that day I found out too that my end of contract was changed. I will not get salary for August because the SOP already advanced my end of contract for 15 days. I really hope all my documents have same joining and end date. It took me four hours in the hospital, roaming around and when I was about to go home.. yey! I saw Ate Leslie who will also go exit on September. We went home together and I treated her Kudo fries and water. Thanks to our Kabayan there who gave us free Pepsi and additional fries. While at Kudo, Ate Leslie asked me about my plans in Ph, I told her, still indefinite, not sure like that. Then, I told her that I want to try the study and work program in Australia/Canada/New Zealand.. then she told all stories of her close friend who successfully arrived in NZ. We got inspired to go there. Let’s see. Hehe. So I, Ate Leslie and Ate Analyn ate together for late lunch. I asked Ate Cheryl to join us for lunch too. While having lunch, I asked them their duties tomorrow. I really wanted to push my plan to go to Al Soudah Park. And Yes, I pushed through.

I asked different people to make this trip happen.. haha. This is the real entry for preparation part hehe.

I Messaged Brother Mahadin and Brother Jess if they were available for Al Soudah trip for a group of 10. Both of them were unavailable. I sent a message to Ate Aileen if she knew a driver, she gave me the driver’s number, it’s Brother Eldos. I called him and he’s free to go. He remembered that we were the same group who rented him before, my last birthday. Hehe. I messaged Brother Matthew and Sister Manal on what to expect and opening hours of Al Soudah Park. They both replied. Thank you!

So when I finalized it, I sent a group message on who’s up for this trip and ask for food suggestions. 

Good thing, Ate grace was off yesterday, so we went together to buy foods. 

We had dinner at La Paz Batchoy, and decided to buy 2 order of Pancit Mix.

We went to other PH resto, and we ordered 4 set of Shanghai.

We went to Little Ceasar and ordered 1 set with 3 Pizza, 3 fries, 1 2L Pepsi and got free cupsssss! Thanks to our Kabayan.

We went to Broast store, and ordered 4 set of regular broast. In one broast, there’s fries, sauces, and bread.

Then we went to grocery to buy additional stuff for tomorrow.

All expenses for the food and transpo got me like almost 300SR?

All food and stuff ready so here we go!! 
Al Soudah Trip:

Pick-up time 0800H.

We rode Innova Van usual seater 7-8 for passengers. We fit ourselves, 10 actually. I got seat beside our Banggali driver. He’s good, no worries.

Ate Aileen and I used our playlist to lighten up their moods.

We left our hotel at 0840H and got there 1000H.

All of us were first-timers there, eating under the tree and riding Al Soudah’s Cable Car. 

Our road going up!!

Breathtaking view up!

We ate just like the Saudis. Used their plastic mat. We forgot to bring carpet/ mat. But we just set up everything and ate. Even though it’s windy, the sand goes to our foods. Never mind, food is good. We must enjoy this experience hehe. 

Setting up our table – plastic mat.

Success! Let’s eaaaaat!

We rode the cable car!! Scariest ride so far!! Haha! At top of very high mountain we went down and up. 

What a nice viewwww of Abha’s Mountains!

Going down was scarier than going up, but there’s a twist in going up too because there’s suddenly a minute where the cable car will stop on top of the mountain. With all the fog!!!!

All of our experience was so fun. It filled my adventurous soul full!

We’re all complete even though it’s biglaang yaya lang, mas natutuloy talaga hahaha. 
Thanks to all my Ate’s, they were all out and game for these roadtrip and adventure!!! Even though some were from night duty, Ate Leslie, Ate Aileen and Ate Analyn; and some were still have evening duty, Ate Cheryl, Grace, Angelica, Arlene, Gay and Ate Lheslie. 

Thanks for this memory, I will cherish it 💖

Always be grateful




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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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