Bad news: Still my exit visa is not ready.

Good news: Our hospital director will give me Certificate of Employment!!

Bad news: I will pay for my second luggage at the airport. My hospital will not shoulder that expense because I will stay in RUH more than 12hrs. I paid 30SR for my ride going to Saudia, just to clear this luggage issue. I will pay at the airport for 140SR. So done and down. 

Good news: Sister Somia lend me her weighing scale. Weighed my three luggages, it’s just fit for its alloted allowance . 

I will not buy anymore here in ABH. Enough, self. Restrain. 

Keep your head up. God is in control with all these things that are happening. 

Love you, self!! Kaya mo yan. Mixed emotions lang yan. Wag ma-stress!! Thank you, besh(my flatmates)? At napapansin nyo na bad mood ako lately? Haaay kakaloka kayo in so many ways but I will always forgive y’all!!! 

Tomorrow will be a good day! *pls..