Thank you Lord I got my exit visa and certificate of employment! Thank youuuu!!!! Nakakaiyak lang po talaga 😭
I should be happy and excited going home soon. But why my heart is feeling sad huhu. My flatmates were tired to function because of work.. I must understand that their life goes on without me. Cut that dramas, self. Pagod at gusto lang nila matulog, okay? Yun lang yown. Wag ka na mag-OA na mag-isip. Till we meet again, sisters. Okaaaay. Bye. I’m thankful for your send-away gifts! I will gooooooo. 

I’ve been stressed out with my luggage these days. I’m really praying that tomorrow will be a good day too πŸ’– as they weigh in all my luggages. I hope they will only charge me 140 SR for one extra baggage. But if more than that, maybe I cannot handle it anymore. Huhu so Help me and Guide me Oh Lord πŸ’–

Gooodnight, friends! 

Lifting all my worries up to Him πŸ˜”



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A nurse with immense dreams and strong faith. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, and so many more!! ✌

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