Some people can’t return back your kindness, but be kind anyway. I’m not obliging my flatmates, my sisters to bond with me yesterday and today. I must undertstand that they are just tired? No big deal, self. Tigil mo na yan, nakakasira lang yan ng ganda haha. 

Thankful to bes, cheryl and ate grace! Till the last moments in my room, they are really there for me even though I woke them up, we all slept around 0200H. Hehe. These two were both admirable. They helped me carry my luggages, and they reassured me even though I am worried. My driver came just on time. We took a quick selfie before I bid goodbye. 
This is it.
Signing off in Abha!!!
Thank You Lord!! I successfully checked-in my two luggages. The staff did not weigh my hand-carry luggage, backpack and sling bag. Felt relieved!!!! Though I paid 150SR today, 140 for extra piece of luggage and 10SR for the staff who helped me carry my luggage. 

Today, I will spend my time with my very best friend, my sister!!! See you there in RUH!!!!

“Wherever we are, we can trust ourselves to God’s hands.”
Always be grateful! 🌷 Thank you Father God!!! I love you always!!! 💖