One week hiatus – I’m sorry, self and dearest readers if there’s any hehe. 

I just had the time of my life to breath again in my home country. It was good. It was something I can really call my home. It’s not perfect vibe all day, but that’s what I just like and appreciate. I spent almost 28k PHP in a week, so my wallet and I did a lot of rest for two days. Haha. Coz tomorrow, I’ll make waldas again coz it’s Friyayyyy!
So to fill again my journal calendar, I will be posting again starting July 14. Don’t be confused. I’ll post throwback coz it’s Thursday, and what’s the sense, self? Joke. I only understand what I’m saying haha so okay byeee. 

Thank you God!!!! 💖

Always be grateful 🌷