670 – back to you ✨

After we went to Balagtas, Bulacan to return my niece on her mother side, I decided to make an order at Dolora’s Pancit. My dad deserved some delicious meryenda to lessen the stress he encountered on the road. As in stressful, from a driver side. Coz for me, I just slept at the back seat almost all of the time while on the road. Hehe.

Fed our hungry tummy after our roadtrip. Then after, my dad dropped me at OLA Church around 1530H. It feels so good to be back. Feeding my spiritual soul alive. Prayed at blessed sacrament. Took time to thank God and praise Him for all the good things He had privided me. The mass started at 1600H. I miss singing church songs and all the vibe while celebrating mass. I felt a little guilty because I took a quick nap two-three minutes maybe? While hearing the liturgy of the word. 🙈 As the mass ended, I went to father to bless me. Then I went out to buy candles. I waited for my turn to pray and to light up. I prayed for a lot of people. Myself. Family. Friends. Whole nation. I casted my worries and heart desires to our dearest Lord. I felt relieved and energized. Thank you Lord!!! ❤️

Since I had a good mood after I walked going home, spiritually energized, I went out again for a jog at MSC!!! The entrance fee was still the same, 10php. MSC was renovated with new paint and equipment.  I had to do a warm up, stretch and walk. I had 10 laps. Jogged 6 laps. Walked 4 laps. I was hyped by my playlist on my phone. Before I went home, I’m interested to try Zumba again, so I asked one sister there, Ate Kat-Kat, Zumba was 50php for an hour, M-W-F-Sun. The zumba trainor came and took my phone number because he said for Zumba updates. When I got home, he started texting me and tried to open a conversation with me. Uhm. I didn’t want to be rude, so I replied. It’s getting quite personal, so I lifted my boundaries again and chose not to reply anymore. Here we go again, self. 🙈

That’s it for my Sunday. I must try my very best to free my Friday and Sunday to be able to bond with Sophia, Lola, and my Family, and I pray that we can all attend in The Feast. I miss crying my heart out loud during praise and worship, and hearing inspirational stories. 

Always be grateful 🌷