680 – Boxing

Day two.


Woke up early and..

Decided to go to gym after so many years of telling myself I wanted to go at the gym.

It felt good.

Tried boxing too!!!!!!!

I met Coach Carlo. He’s good and patient with me even if I’m keep telling myself..“Di ko na po kaya, pahinga po muna, ay parang di ko po ata kaya yan..” and so on.. Thank you, coach!

There I started my Boxing journey to help me get fit. It’s so difficult and tiring. I started to diet too. I already lessen my consumption of rice the past weeks. I really gained weight because of my sedentary lifestyle in KSA haha. I’m now 62 kg. My target weight, 55 kg. I signed up for 12 sessions of Boxing, worth of 2K. I just need to buy my own boxing gloves too and sports attire too. It’s a bit expensive but Health is part of my wealth. Health is a gold investment, that all of us must invest too.

Exercise now, and thank me later.

There’s plenty of reasons to exercise!!


Spreading good vibes! let’s sweat it all out!




Always be grateful!