From the time I posted without pictures and emoji, I’m using my laptop to post here. Simply sharing, venting and ranting out my feels through texts. I hope it doesn’t bother to anybody? hehe. It’s so nice to type and just type, it brings my inner writer/blogger within me. hahaha.


It’s Sunday, and I will attend one of my closest college friend’ Gender revealing event today. I’m so proud of her because even though she’s preggy, and jobless, she was able to used her time productively by learning simple calligraphy that she was able to used it as decor to her event today. I’m really happy for her progress as a beginner to learn so fast and made a beautiful art thru calligraphy.


I’m supposed to go home early after her event, but there’s something about me that I can’t understand that time.. so I stayed there until 1am in the morning. Boom, a friendship restored with Mica. It’s awkward but we really fixed our friendship this time. It’s a breather and it felt good. I missed her, our crazy moments together, before we’re so close with each other, my best bloom.. haha. it’s full of happy college memories that I will cherish.


It’s always a good time to spend with KAWAII, our group name in college, where I named and designed two of our shirts before. Oh college days, our jeje days and nene days while struggling our course, Nursing. Haaaay, memories. hehe.


Thank you for today, Lord ❤


Always be grateful! 🌷